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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

See my work at International Quilt Festival Chicago March 26-28 2015

Yes!   You read that right!  My quilt "Come Closer" will be featured at International!   Don't worry I'll be sure to take a lot of pics!!  Here is a photo of my quilt below:

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

June Garden Tour

How did I skip the entire month of May here?  Been planting and weeding and watering and planting and pruning and harvesting and eating too!  Finally here in Chicago the weather is starting to warm up, it was cool until late May then we began to see temps in the 60's.  I dont have anything in the greenhouse as it becomes way too hot in there, triple digits even with the top and door open.  I cannot wait to plant in there come this late summer and fall tho!

Photos of whats been going on in Le Cabbage Patch this month....
Aerial Photo

Strawberries and Peas

Tomatoes and Onions

Italian Cauliflower

Iris from my neighbor

Yukon Gold on the left and Russet Potatoes on the right

Potato Flower


Strawberries (1st year)

Purple Beauty Sweet Pepper and Swallow and Black Beauty Eggplant

Squash, Zucc, Asparagus and Cucs

Rasberries, Blackberries and Grapes on the new iron panel

L to R Cosmos, Amaranth, Popcorn and Sunflowers

Garden Sun Rose in the rain

At the garden gate

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Wee Little Greenhouse

I received a wee little greenhouse from my family for Christmas and with the 60 degree temps we were able to put it up last weekend!  Here are some photos.  It is a 6' x 8' Snap n Grow made by Palram.  Overall super happy with it, easy to build, took 2 people 2 days, one for the timber foundation and one to erect the greenhouse.  We put down a new layer of straw for the pathways and turned over all the rows.  I planted one bed with potatoes, yukon gold and a red russet.  this will be my first try at potatoes, Im hoping for a bumper crop....(even tho I try to stick to a low carb diet most of the time).

Next Ill be installing the shelving and plants!  woot woot!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Mid March Sprout Madness!!!

So far I have Black Cherry Tomatoes, Black Beauty Sweet Pepper, Gooseneck Gourds, Brocoli-Flour, Black Krim Tomatoes, and various eggplant and onions started in the front window.

I started 4 organic sweet potatoes in glasses with water to see if I can start some slips.
More snow ciming tonite.....good grief Im so ready for spring -to get out there and scratch around!
Here is a photo of the sprouts:

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Mod quilting begins!

Lots of quilting going on over here!

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!!!

Featured on Freshly Pieced:
WIP Wednesday

Monday, January 27, 2014

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

2014 Word Challenge - "Garden"

Coming to you live from Chiberia! (Zone 5 Chicago)

We had a real heat wave today it reached 0!!!!  woohooo!  We are counting down the days to our last frost free date here with anxious feverish anticipation!

Time to play a little and create the 1st handmade for 2014, the word I chose is "Garden", 
Im a gardener and have high hopes for this years vegetable garden and all the goodness and healthy living it brings to my family.

This mini quilt is made for my Mom to hang in her garden from cotton scraps (there is one polyesther in there, can you spot it?).  The 
word is pieces of a wide felty yarn used to knit sweaters that I stitched down by hand with 
cotton crochet yarn. 

Hoping 2014 finds you steeped in inspiration to create! ~ Jessie

This is a word challenge created by Victoria Findlay Wolfe, if you do not know who Victoria is, she is the rock star of the modern quilting world!

Check her out at:



Thanks for your inspiration always Victoria, you rock!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

2014 Garden planning

Happy New Year!!!

Have you received any seed catalogs yet?  I have about 8 so far and am waiting for my first Fedco catalog!
It has been snowing here in Chicago for 3 days and we have about 12" of snow down and extreme cold temps predicted for next week so I decided to get out those catalogs and my colored pencils and design this years vegetable garden.  Here is a sneak peak:

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Decemburr Garden

The garden is asleep for the winter, we have had some pretty hard freezes here in zone 5 in early November and all the winter crops I planted are now covered in snow, the kale may survive and the next warm day I will put out a row cover or two on the kale and the lettuce bed to get ready for spring planting.  Have you been receiving any seeds catalogs?  I guess I should go online and order a few, I have not gotten any in the mail yet.  The feed corn was harvested today looks like a bumper crop!  Do you have anything growing in your garden still?

Monday, December 2, 2013

Vote for my Quilt!

If your on Facebook you can vote here, each "like" is a vote.

Link to vote on Facebook

  Or if your not on Facebook you can vote on Google Plus here:
Link to vote on Google Plus

  Voting ends Dec 8th 2013 and there is a brand new Babylock sewing machine as the top prize! Thank you for your vote!!

Friday, November 29, 2013

NY City Modern Quilt Guild DWR Contest

Today is the day after Thanksgiving and we decided to go out and take a short little drive. I needed to take a picture of my contest quilt, this is for the Double Wedding Ring Challenge by New York City Modern Quilt Guild. Each ring quarter is made up of tiny scraps of fabric sewn together to form a new fabric piece which was then cut to shape and sewn together to form the 4 rings. The grey background fabrics are two different shades sewn to form two giant blocks, the piece is hand quilted with cotton crochet yarn and also machine straight stitch quilted with vintage nude cotton thread that I found at an estate sale(where I usually buy all my thread). My one and only machine I use for all my projects, is a 1950 Brother Boutique 761 given to me by my Gramdmother, this machine has only one stitch and one direction, forward, but she is strong and dependable! Here are a few photos of my creation that I will enter today in the Modern category! Im so proud of her!